Affordable & Accessible Education

As your Regent, I will be an advocate for students and families seeking high quality education that is affordable and accessible. Keeping tuition costs affordable is important to all parents and students.

Opportunity for the Next Generation

The future of Nebraska relies upon our ability to keep and retain our brightest students, while also developing our Nebraska workforce so farmers, ranchers, small businesses, and families can all thrive. One of my top priorities from day one on the Nebraska Board of Regents will be to devise ways in which the Board of Regents can work together
with the private sector on workforce issues.

Greater University Transparency

Transparent and effcient government are not only core conservative values, they’re core Nebraska values. As your Regent, I will ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely, and transparency is upheld, just as I always have as a State Senator. Trust in the University as an institution will allow taxpayers to be confident that their investment is being used properly.